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If you give a mouse a new rug, she’ll want a new kitchen table…


So, I am positive I have mentioned how much I hate the floors in my lovely penthouse rental, no? They are old, worn-down, scratched, burned, and mismatched wood.  Specifically, the floor in the kitchen is the absolute worst.  I would guess it has been over 20 years since any type of refinishing/sealing/etc has been done. (That goes for the cabinets too… remember my sweet Washi Tape Treatment?).

I do not have the time, resources, or permission to refinish or replace them so that leaves the one great renters’ solution. Rugs.

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Crazy plant lady

This is my happy spot. My really, really happy I don’t care if Mosquitos eat me alive I gotta water my babies every night happy spot.

I started things from seed late March in my bay window. Herbs did not make it. I blame the peat pots. Any seeds that I sowed outside were instantly gobbled up by squirrels. So many lessons to be learned in the garden!

This is my biggest (urban) garden yet. I used 3 gallon pots and 5 gallon buckets with holes in bottom, a few dollar store containers for the herbs, and potting soil from the big box store. Nothing too crazy or fancy. Oh but the tomato cages, now those are fancy! I tried with sticks last year and it was not pretty or sturdy enough. I gotta represent for the landlords. Classy front patio garden.

I’m really challenging some veggies to grow in containers. I had to zip tie some netting to help cucumbers grow vertically. Squash can grow to cover 10′ square, so I’m probably limiting it in the pot and keeping it off the ground.

What’s what? L to R: squash, Rutgers tomato, cucumber, cherry tomato, basil, and mint.

Also, cherry tomato is a small fruit, but a HUGE plant. Holy cow it’s over 5′ tall.

What do you get with this garden? Italian stir fry, pickles, and mojitos!

Happy summer.







Sorry, I got nothin’ today…

Ug! I wanted to do so much this weekend but ended up working/being a giant bum. On a nice positive note I was able to connect with an old friend who came into town.  He visited the restaurant I wait tables in (with my masters degree…) and we met later and had dinner where who else but the Mayor of Chicago should happen to stroll in.  He was much smaller in person than I thought he would be.

So I am waiting to leave my house to travel to a small, Boystown bar.  My partner and his bandmate Logan Hall of Ruby Weapon are appearing in a comedy act tonight and I must play my part of supporting girlfriend.  I didn’t manage to make any cool projects or take any cool photos or even clean out the catbox this weekend ( I PROMISE I’ll clean it out when I get back home tonight).

Last night was glorious.  I had an actual evening off and I stayed in and read, binge ate, watched movies, and indulged in some wine with ice… Yes, bummery indeed.  On a positive note, I have come up with a few positive affirmations.

1. At work (which is waiting tables, nothing more even though once I was semi-promoted to shift supervisor then demoted) I know have two mantras- “Not my problem” and “This is a place where I sell my paintings.”  I am always trying my best not to complain, to make all the monies, and to sell my paintings which hang on the walls.

2. In life (which is all the time outside of work) I always repeat “As soon as it is that I figure out what I really want to do, I will surely do it assuming I can generate income.”

And that was this weekend. Binge eating, playing waitress, and brushing elbows with the mayor (thankfully NOT when I was working, it was somewhere completely different- though I do think the city of Chicago could use a condiment or cheeky cocktail painting).

xoxo- Nikki

Quick Fix

Here is an older project from my last apartment I am still very proud of. I had long admired kitchen tile backsplashes, but let’s be honest. I didn’t have the money or the right attitude to do a decent job of one. For my birthday the man took me to Home Depot and let me get all the home fixins’ my heart desired (within reason).

Remember Gliddon “Caribbean Blue?” This was the project I purchased the paint for originally. I was sure to buy the expensive painters tape and carefully marked off the wall and taped the switch plate. It def. took 3 coats but I was very pleased with the result. And, when our landlords sold the apartment and the new people handed us our security deposit back and kicked us out… I left a little blue half wall.

*note- instead of a roller I used a foam brush directly dipped into the can. If I remember correctly, by the third coat I needed to use a new foam brush. It always helps to have a surplus of foam brushes on hand for various projects!





I just got paid to go on a hike!

Best 9-5 day! I’m still an employee for a few more days ;)

Woke up crazy early, after too much wine and not enough sleep, packed some snacks and barely caught the metro-north with my Art Therapy friend headed for a lovely day hike at Cold Spring, NY.

It was chilly, overcast, steep, rocky, and just what I needed! For me it’s been a summer of trying new things and getting out to enjoy this city and beyond… If I’m going to stay in NYC I gotta make it work for me, right?

As hard as it is to get out of the city, and then come down from the mountains smack into Grand Central terminal on a crowded subway full of teenagers, I would totally do this again real soon. Pack a picnic, bring the man and grab dinner in the quaint downtown, say we could move here, and then hustle back to Brooklyn.






Best tip of the day

If you purchase a kryptonite u-lock and lose the first key and are on your back-up key, email yourself the serial number. Then when you get drunk on whiskey and lose your key you don’t have to go to jail for trying to steal your own bike.

And then while you wait for your key in the mail be sure to get a cable/lock through all parts of your bike that could potentially get stolen.