Wine not?

After months of putting off starting a blog I had one of those nights where sleep was impossible and finally had the voila moment. “Why don’t I just start a blog with my friends?” I thought to myself as it became light out again.  So here it is, it is worth a with ice

I love DIY projects, especially things geared for people who cannot sew or have limited budgets and resources.  I have wonderful friends who can cook and create things and I would love to steal their secrets ;) With a few of us to share our ideas, projects, and passions I hope to keep the creativity flowing even as the universe continually tosses obstacles.

Hopefully with our talents combined we can keep connected and share the stuff we really love. And maybe, just maybe I can trick someone into teaching me to sew/cook/garden. (Or maybe I can just admire my loves from afar).

So let’s clink our glasses of box wine and get started on this adventure!



2 thoughts on “Wine not?

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