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Well, it’s day two and I feel like I should post something. This is pretty much the same situation I have right now, me doing something at my desk with Bon Jovi hanging out. This is pretty much the situation anytime I sit down in my room. And that is why there will always be cat hair in my paintings.

(Edit: with this post I realized that for me, I am not sure if the quick post is the correct method for me and also, I used too instead of two and I guess I cannot go for that. Who knew I gave a hoot about proper usage of words and grammar? And I used to compose things with no caps a la e e cummings.)

Hopefully later today I can post a demo/ Before and After of my “wonderful” kitchen solution to the worlds most ugly cabinets and my no-paint decorating solution!!! (And hopefully my cohorts share some of their neat projects! Come on ladies, someone please tell me how to urban garden because none of my seedlings make it past the sprout phase :/ )



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