NEW YORK– Today is the last day of my first real job as an Art Therapist.  I have been launched into the adult dream career I set up, and managed to earn my NY license and national registration as an art therapist right in time.  I no longer fit under student status, and student loans are now a factor in my still unresolved 10 year plan.  I’d like to think that I would have left my job eventually if it wasn’t for the department-wide layoff.  I would have said I was not prepared if it wasn’t for the FOUR MONTHS of termination and close down procedures, but nothing can prepare you for the serious case of existential anxiety that comes with unemployment.  I hear weekly poems on “transitions” and process my feelings with my staff in the morning and then over drinks in the afternoon.  There’s no severance pay, they say, it’s a non-profit.  So I’m soaking up every bit of paid time off as a technical employee with no phone, keys, or laptop… until I can figure out what is next.


This is a little peak into my indoor garden.  I adopted the plant on the right after a co-worker abandoned him in the office.  I’ll leave out the part about my horrendous 4 train commute and looking like the crazy plant lady on the MTA.  It’s a succulent and you can tell by the thick leaves that hold water.  If the little leaves fall off, let them dry for a few days and then stick ’em in the dirt to propagate new plants.  See the little dino spikes like a crown around the tree plant?  They will all grow into new, individual plants.  I wonder if they also experience existential anxiety?



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