Kitchen Chairs

I’ll admit these projects are appearing out of chronological order, but rarely do I function in so.  We had just moved into the new place and I was out on my daily run thinking “gosh, we need to get some new kitchen chairs.” We had been using very cheap folding ones for an entire year and I was over it.  I slowed down to walk/cool down when low and behold there were two white (I am gonna assume) Ikea chairs in the alley! I snatched those bad boys up and carried them the half mile home (can we call it an upper-body workout?). kitchenchair1

Once I showered, I carried them up to the bonus deck (something we did not know about before we rented the apartment, remember the sleeping tenant who ended our tour?) and attempted to spray paint one of them. That did not work.

So I went in my little arts and crafts room and mixed some blue wall paint with some yellow wall paint.  The blue color was Glidden “Caribbean Sea” and the yellow was a can of Behr pastel base I actually bought for a dollar long ago from the Home Depot reject paint shelf. Magically (or barely) I mixed enough to cover both chairs.

*tip, when mixing custom paint, mix twice as much as you think you will need because you will still probably need more.

We had friends over for a little housewarming party and my chairs got a little scuffed up, especially on the seat.


 I would recommend using some form of gloss coating if you paint furniture that gets heavily used with random mixes of house paint.

After a few days of the scuffed seats really bothering me I grabbed my trusty “Almond Gloss” paint (more on this gem of a liquid later) and painted the seats.  I am very pleased for the time being, but I do have yet to coat the rest of the chairs in something to seal the paint.

I think the most exciting thing for me is that I spent zero dollars on chairs, that actually now match my tricked out kitchen cabinets and my existing (scavenged) furniture!

kitchenchair3                     kitchenchairsfinish

More later!



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