I just got paid to go on a hike!

Best 9-5 day! I’m still an employee for a few more days ;)

Woke up crazy early, after too much wine and not enough sleep, packed some snacks and barely caught the metro-north with my Art Therapy friend headed for a lovely day hike at Cold Spring, NY.

It was chilly, overcast, steep, rocky, and just what I needed! For me it’s been a summer of trying new things and getting out to enjoy this city and beyond… If I’m going to stay in NYC I gotta make it work for me, right?

As hard as it is to get out of the city, and then come down from the mountains smack into Grand Central terminal on a crowded subway full of teenagers, I would totally do this again real soon. Pack a picnic, bring the man and grab dinner in the quaint downtown, say we could move here, and then hustle back to Brooklyn.







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