Quick Fix

Here is an older project from my last apartment I am still very proud of. I had long admired kitchen tile backsplashes, but let’s be honest. I didn’t have the money or the right attitude to do a decent job of one. For my birthday the man took me to Home Depot and let me get all the home fixins’ my heart desired (within reason).

Remember Gliddon “Caribbean Blue?” This was the project I purchased the paint for originally. I was sure to buy the expensive painters tape and carefully marked off the wall and taped the switch plate. It def. took 3 coats but I was very pleased with the result. And, when our landlords sold the apartment and the new people handed us our security deposit back and kicked us out… I left a little blue half wall.

*note- instead of a roller I used a foam brush directly dipped into the can. If I remember correctly, by the third coat I needed to use a new foam brush. It always helps to have a surplus of foam brushes on hand for various projects!






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