Crazy plant lady

This is my happy spot. My really, really happy I don’t care if Mosquitos eat me alive I gotta water my babies every night happy spot.

I started things from seed late March in my bay window. Herbs did not make it. I blame the peat pots. Any seeds that I sowed outside were instantly gobbled up by squirrels. So many lessons to be learned in the garden!

This is my biggest (urban) garden yet. I used 3 gallon pots and 5 gallon buckets with holes in bottom, a few dollar store containers for the herbs, and potting soil from the big box store. Nothing too crazy or fancy. Oh but the tomato cages, now those are fancy! I tried with sticks last year and it was not pretty or sturdy enough. I gotta represent for the landlords. Classy front patio garden.

I’m really challenging some veggies to grow in containers. I had to zip tie some netting to help cucumbers grow vertically. Squash can grow to cover 10′ square, so I’m probably limiting it in the pot and keeping it off the ground.

What’s what? L to R: squash, Rutgers tomato, cucumber, cherry tomato, basil, and mint.

Also, cherry tomato is a small fruit, but a HUGE plant. Holy cow it’s over 5′ tall.

What do you get with this garden? Italian stir fry, pickles, and mojitos!

Happy summer.








One thought on “Crazy plant lady

  1. rilschsea

    Those darn pesky squirrels…… I used to plant flower bulb in the front yard and they would difg them up and make off them!!! I like your urban garden tho….. :)


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