Sorry, I got nothin’ today…

Ug! I wanted to do so much this weekend but ended up working/being a giant bum. On a nice positive note I was able to connect with an old friend who came into town.  He visited the restaurant I wait tables in (with my masters degree…) and we met later and had dinner where who else but the Mayor of Chicago should happen to stroll in.  He was much smaller in person than I thought he would be.

So I am waiting to leave my house to travel to a small, Boystown bar.  My partner and his bandmate Logan Hall of Ruby Weapon are appearing in a comedy act tonight and I must play my part of supporting girlfriend.  I didn’t manage to make any cool projects or take any cool photos or even clean out the catbox this weekend ( I PROMISE I’ll clean it out when I get back home tonight).

Last night was glorious.  I had an actual evening off and I stayed in and read, binge ate, watched movies, and indulged in some wine with ice… Yes, bummery indeed.  On a positive note, I have come up with a few positive affirmations.

1. At work (which is waiting tables, nothing more even though once I was semi-promoted to shift supervisor then demoted) I know have two mantras- “Not my problem” and “This is a place where I sell my paintings.”  I am always trying my best not to complain, to make all the monies, and to sell my paintings which hang on the walls.

2. In life (which is all the time outside of work) I always repeat “As soon as it is that I figure out what I really want to do, I will surely do it assuming I can generate income.”

And that was this weekend. Binge eating, playing waitress, and brushing elbows with the mayor (thankfully NOT when I was working, it was somewhere completely different- though I do think the city of Chicago could use a condiment or cheeky cocktail painting).

xoxo- Nikki


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