If you give a mouse a new rug, she’ll want a new kitchen table…


So, I am positive I have mentioned how much I hate the floors in my lovely penthouse rental, no? They are old, worn-down, scratched, burned, and mismatched wood.  Specifically, the floor in the kitchen is the absolute worst.  I would guess it has been over 20 years since any type of refinishing/sealing/etc has been done. (That goes for the cabinets too… remember my sweet Washi Tape Treatment?).

I do not have the time, resources, or permission to refinish or replace them so that leaves the one great renters’ solution. Rugs.


As someone with a modest budget (and absence of a vehicle), rugs have always been somewhat of a luxury item. But all the blogs say that rugs are one of the easiest fixes to pull a room together.  My first venture into the world of larger floor treatments was at my second solo apartment.  For Christmas my parents gave me a lovely cream shag rug.  It sounds questionable (shag? and cream? um, don’t YOU live there) but it really was fantastic.  It magically blended with cat hair (and avoided cat barf) and I managed not to spill pizza or wine on it.  It was a neutral color so whatever color scheme I thought I would go with, it would work.  Then in an effort to save money I let a girl move in.  She ruined my life for 6 months and in the end she cost more to have live there than if I had spent those 6 months living alone.

*Fact. If someone claims to be a hairstylist but doesn’t actually work in a salon, they might actually give hand-jobs for cash. Oh yes, and she spilled wine and pizza on my rug (and knifed my favorite dresses and curtains) while verbally abusing me and possibly practicing wrestling moves on the rug to film a video where dudes get beat up by chicks.

Anyways, what I was trying to say was light colored rugs are hard to live with. Which is funny because I just purchased this one from ikea (for the kitchen, I might be an idiot after all).  And the verdict is… I love it! the cats really, really love it.  However, I think the table is now too small.  I have always wanted a big table for the kitchen (maybe I just need more chairs?) but on my modest/meager budget its one thing at a time (unless I find real gems in the alley- universe, find me a new table set please).

rug4 rug3 rug2

To get it to work with the space I have tried it a number of ways… at an angle, up against the wall… I have tried moving the table out/turning it 90 degrees.  I even tried flipping it over thinking the coated texture might work better with the kitchen but ultimately decided it just looked like a rug on the wrong side.

Finally, I folded under the corner and pulled the rug to the wall.  It works, the pattern camouflages the ridge and It doesn’t seem too big for the table/space… I love it! And it is obvious, the cats do too.  I think I have finally surrendered to an “eclectic scavenger chic” style.

Someday, I’ll have nice things but until then I am free to decorate as spunkily as I am.


xoxo- Nikki


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