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More Gloss Almond

More Gloss Almond. You may recall my cover everything liquid. I’ve purchased a second quart of my trusty paint. There is now more Gloss Almond throughout my apartment. I know, the color is Almond, and “Gloss” is the type of paint but I affectionately have been calling it “Gloss Almond” since I purchased my first can, so that is the name it will stay.

Bon Jovi always helps

Bon Jovi always helps

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Blogging From Work


Today, I am blogging from work. I am sitting for a moment eating my approved employee meal. I did cut the bangs yesterday and they were a success. The photos and rest of the haircut, however, were not. Looks like I’ll be rocking a ponytail for the next month or so.

I bitch about working in a restaurant with my multiple degrees, but it’s not the worst gig. We do really great farm to table dishes and serve high quality (=$$$) meat. I make pretty good money.

And, they let me hang my art on the walls. And sometimes, that art sells!

A few favorites:



And sometimes I blog from work…almost the dream (getting paid for this).


Street finds are sweet finds

Alexandra’s Room Tour


Home sweet home. This is a shot of the main bedroom in my attic apartment in Brooklyn, newly decorated with travel finds from my Adventures. We’re going for non-girly global eclectic theme here.

Wall color: can’t paint it apartment white.

Mirror: found it on my street in East NY!!! It may have had a past life hanging over a fireplace mantle. Heavy as hell. Stamped made in Canada; seems legit. Why do people throw away such treasures?!

Oriental Fireplace screen: acquired at b/f’s family’s attic. Excellent hamper hider.

Rug and blanket: Cuenca, Ecuador street market with vendors from Otavalo. Made from alpacas I think. At this point in my life, I’m happy to afford any beautiful handmade rugs. I cannot currently afford to give a damn about proper bed to rug size ratios.

Wall hangings: pair of Elephant weavings from Thailand via an airbnb guest. Tree carving from Target via the b/f.

Vase and decor: b’day vintage surprise from the b/f.

Home Depot impulse houseplant sits on a storage treasure chest found on the street this time on date night in park slope!!!

And now… A very important note on street finds. Always inspect in daylight if possible, or use flashlight app. Check for bugs and other crap you don’t want to lug home. Make sure you can get it home, and disassemble if necessary. Clean it with steamed water with alcohol to kill any critters.


DIY Photos

one last good cat photo...

one last good cat photo…

Ok people. I get it I get it. I need better DIY photos. (Or rather, photos of my DIY projects). Obviously I should stop using the filters. I should work on lighting. Heck, maybe I should sneak them through Photoshop and clean them up. I am first, admittedly an Iphone photographer and second, a Polaroid junky so to me the filters are beautiful, and mimic the aesthetic I treasure. I just want people to see the improvements so alas, I will start trying to cut back on filters and take better pictures. (I can’t quit completely though).

I spent the weekend really thinking about the blog. I have invited one of my very dear friends to write about her travels. We got our first negative comment which angered and saddened us but isn’t the phrase “all press is good press?” I spent a lot of time looking for ideas and looking how other blogs do their photography. I actually talked to real people about my experience in writing this blog. It has turned into my new response to the “what do you do/what have you been doing” questions.

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Why I love my best friend.

I have about 500 reasons why I love my best friend, but here are the top 10.

1. She is the sister I didn’t get to have since I only have a brother. (She only has a brother too so we get to pretend we are sisters).

2. She has bailed me out of campus jail and driven me to the emergency room.

3. “Your mom is a public beach.”

4. The times we have retrieved each other and the outfits we were wearing.

5. Shared love/anger/art/whiskey/wine/conversation/home/vacations/meals.

6. Our little house.

7. Our attempt at interneting (this blog/ our old shared myspace).

8. She is the one person in the universe who doesn’t judge me.

9. She is also the one person who doesn’t offend me when she calls me out.

10.  She is the one person that has always believed in me, no matter how harebrained my idea was/is.

So many reasons why I love my best friend.


Winewithice Glasses

I may be the adult child of a hoarder and an antique dealer (more on that later).

I may be an avid recycler, DIY glasses anyone?

I may be too cheap to replace all those broken wine glasses…

I may be living on a college student budget for a lot longer than I imagined.

I may be trying too hard to be eclectic.

I may prefer to sip my wine out of pesto jars.

I may have loved that Sesame Street skit with the talking stop-motion kitchenware!! Do you guys know what I’m talking about?



Spray Paint Fun

If you live in a place like Chicago, it can take a few extra steps to have a little Spray Paint Fun. You may recall my green lampshadesI also did one more tiny project that day. This was an ultra fast and super easy DIY project that anyone can complete.

photo photo_1






I simply taped off the mirror part. Then I sprayed a few coats. The key in spray paint fun is not to rush the process. Keep the can about a foot away and mist your color on. This avoids drips and splotches.

photo_2 photo_3

I would advise in the case you make the effort to obtain spray paint, be sure to grab at least two cans of the colors you like. You will run out quickly and still have projects you want to complete.  When I grabbed the green, I wasn’t sure what I would use it for but I have found it looks great with the teal curtains. A whole wall this color might be too much, but the little pops really compliment the natural and teal elements.

My regret, not purchasing a second can of this color.


Can’t wait until I figure out what spray paint fun to have next!