The perfect summer album.

It’s Lollapalooza weekend and like a granny, I am not going. Too many people, too much heat, and not enough places to sit. Plus, let’s be honest- I am not exactly current on my music knowledge these days. Somewhere around 2007 (the year I finished undergrad) I simply stopped caring about music. The cold hard truth that I would never front a band sunk in and I came to terms with the fact that as artists and bands moved away from playing instruments and started pushing buttons on laptops, I could care less.

bowsnadarrowsOn the drive downstate to move into my first college apartment my younger brother tried to expand my music horizons, but all I wanted to listen to was The Walkmen. Something about the song “The Rat” seemed perfect for the break-up I didn’t know was coming the following week.

I am positive that Bows+Arrows will continue to be one of my top five albums of all time. Also, If I ever am brave enough to karaoke ever again, I think I could do a mean rendition of “The Rat.”

I like the Walkmen because their music often references sounds I really enjoyed growing up. It is easy to hear the Dylan and the Zeppelin influences. You can hear echoes of grunge and garage rock. If you listen closely you can hear something new and magical too. Their albums are gritty and honest and sound like they were recorded in someone’s homemade basement studio. (I am not saying they sound bad or poorly mixed, quite the contrary! I feel like you are able to get the experience of listening to a record even if you play the Walkmen through computer speakers or headphones). The lyrics are simple, honest, and authentic.

If you are looking to trigger the ephemeral, listen to the Walkmen.

heavenThis summer, has been a Walkmen summer. I am absolutely in love with the album Heaven. Pretty much everything about every Walkmen album screams overly warm nights and cold drinks. Listening to Heaven is comparable to a summer drive through the country with my best friend in the world. It is as if we have rolled the windows down and can smell the corn and see lightning bugs dancing all around. This album is a hot apartment with no AC, so you just sit in front of a box fan and eat popsicles not minding the sweat dripping down to the small of your back. It is the beginning of a romance with a boy you know you should not date but do it anyways.

Listening to Heaven is knowing that this might really be the last careless summer but not worrying about what comes next.



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