Saturday spent dreaming at that website…. Check it out, tiny houses–on wheels! Super DIY.

Not going to rant about my cheap 1300~~ sq. ft. apartment here… Just going to say that my generation, and future, can be filled with fancy travel all over the globe. We travel by air; we’re living in the future!  Maybe I need to figure out how to work everywhere. Seriously?  How many vacations can a person take in a year?? #nomortgage4lyfe  #goodproblems

Come visit me friends!  As soon as I get back from Ecuador…

(This: I’m paraphrasing from a money blog…)
Life tripod: people, place, profession.

Lift off a negative one/ third of that tripod and I’m light enough to float away… Goodbye harsh 9-5 job, but somehow; Questioning the ‘place’ today.  DIY life.

and, in the meantime:

Saturnight mojitos. #garden #mint #vodka  recipe as pic.





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