Whelp, it’s Monday again (but unlike the rest of most of America, I have the day off because instead of getting a “job job” with my master’s degree I am a waitress). My typical Monday subsists of sleeping until around 11:00 am, spending two hours internetting and drinking coffee, going for an hour long run (and taking the subsequent shower), possibly grocery shopping/getting produce, deep-cleaning the catbox, and catching up on my programs (obvs with some wine with ice).


These leisurely days are nice and while I feel I deserve the “me time” after working all weekend, I always start to feel depressed, lonely, and the ever present “WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE.” So today I am going to make a list of goals for the week. This weekend I acquired some sweet spray paint (it only involved spending the whole day traveling to suburbia to have lunch with my parents and go to Wally-world and trainin’ it back). I am excited to figure out what to paint now that I have these neat hues… I also have an interview on Wednesday. And I have signed up for Apartment Therapy’s cure for a room challenge, so there is that…

My Goals are as follows:

shirt1. Get a good interview outfit. It is for a copy writing position I applied for last week. It is one that would encompass all of my GRADUATE NEW MEDIA STUDIES (STUDIES) . While I wrote a nice compelling cover letter, my constant dilemma for interviews is how do I look professional? Do I cover my sleeve? Is my face going to explode with zits? (Yes, yes it will).I am thinking this shirt from express, with the sleeves rolled to three-quarters and some nice tattoo camouflaging jewelry, black never-been-washed high-waisted BDG jeans (which I already own and wont have to buy) and maybe a nude medium wedge shoe (good luck with me finding that). Professional but not trying to hard is the look I am going for…

2. Pick a room for the Apartment Therapy cure challenge. Share/Record all of my decisions and progress with Wine With Ice.

3. Get the domain set (yes, I’ve already purchased winewithice.com… I just always get a headache when I try to set it up).

4. Edit the photos of my most recent series of paintings and post on nikkiproctor.com.

5. Hmm, need to round out this list… I guess keep fighting the good fight and apply for more “job jobs”

I guess that’s it!



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