You Can’t Win Them All…

Or really even half of them it seems.  It’s Wednesday and all sorts of things are happening. Changes are going on at my job. Today’s cure assignment is to make a floor-plan of my room… It is hot and alternating between raining and extreme mugginess outside. I have an interview (which I am terrified of. I did get the Express shirt and a pair of nice pants so hopefully I will look the part even if it is sweltering out). Worst of all, the person I need to talk to most to give me a pep-talk is ALL THE WAY IN ECUADOR.

It’s the waiting. It always is the waiting. Waiting for the bus. Waiting for water to boil. Waiting for the shoe to drop. Waiting to get a real job, to start a real life. Waiting, waiting…

On a plus, I found a wicker hamper on my run today.  I think I found an idea for those nifty spray paints I bought!

something like this:


I have the right colors. remember?









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