The secret magic absolutely necessary liquid


I was joking with a friend the other day that living in Chicago it is entirely possible to almost furnish ones entire apartment  with salvaged finds from the alley.  It is even easier to make the mishmash of furniture look like you purchased it all together. The Trick? A really great latex paint. My secret? Rustoleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover in Gloss Almond.


When I started paintin’ things, I did not expect to be blogging them later so (koala) bear with me for the photos… naturally, the kitties always help with my DIY projects.

beforebkcase bkcase jewlery mirror1 oldtv

So those are some photos of the furniture as I owned it before the makeover.  The bookcase
(came with old apartment) on its own in the old place, The bookcase on top of the TV stand in the new apartment.  A mirror I purchased at Salvation Army for $7.  The (crooked and still crooked) jewelry box that came with the old apartment. And the TV stand (that came with and) as it was used in the old apartment.

Painters tape can really be your friend:


With a little love:

My old crappy table (that came with the boyfriend-pretty sure he found it in an alley) has received the Gloss Almond treatment too along with the chair seats.


I have taken that old Salvation Army mirror and put it on a  desk I salvaged from a school that was being torn down (and yes, the top has been Gloss Almonded, and here is one of my koalas).


The finished book case on top of the old TV stand:


And that crooked jewlery box… The little pineapple dish is the perfect place to put my keys.


See, Everything can be lovely and neutral and matching!

You just need to find a good paint that matches your decor.  I find that the gloss protects furniture against the wear and tear of living, and now that I am at the bottom of this quart it is good to have a NON CUSTOM COLOR so I can paint more things Gloss Almond!


xoxo- Nikki


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