Good in theory, in practice- not so much

I really, really, REALLY wanted this to work.  Before I moved, I had found this blog post about how to make fabric wallpaper. I bookmarked it and decided to save it for a day I was feeling extra ambitious.  Today was (almost) that day.

After a disasterous horrible day yesterday, I decided I was gonna make the most of my free time and try and do a little home improvement.  I had purchased some dandelion puff printed fabric from and was intending to try the wallpaper technique in the bathroom… I got 7 yards of gray with white print and 7 yards of white with gray.  The gray fabric with the white poof ended up having a larger version of the print.  Not important.  So once I set my mind to completing(attempting) this project I needed to find the liquid starch.  I walked all over this neighborhood, went to Wallgreens, Family Dollar, even multiple bodegas down the street.  I finally went to JewelOsco where low and behold it was.  So I marched on home and put on my project pants.  Then I tried to cut the gray fabric to fit the bathroom wall.  What is the old adage, measure twice cut once? Obviously I cut the fabric too short.

Not deterred I decided I wanted to try it out in my bedroom. (This stupid apartment I’m not allowed to paint that wasn’t painted properly before we moved in…)


Oh, and see that curtain? It covers a window to INSIDE MY APARTMENT. Seriously it looks out onto the stairs. Why you ask? I don’t know, I’m asking the same question.

I measured out all the fabric I thought I would need leaving extra I assumed I could trim off when it dried. I tacked it up with push pins.


After a few hours of working on the first panel, I decided further attempts could be deemed futile. I think that this could work, but I think you need to start with a much smaller wall/swatch of fabric. I would recommend to someone who has never attempted this to try a solid color for your first time. Especially the larger the piece of fabric you are working with. Also, it is in your best interest to cut the fabric to the size you will need. The excess fabric totally got in the way of smoothing out. Also, maybe don’t do it while it is hot? I feel like the starch dried before I was able to do what I wanted to do.


An hour later, my one panel is getting little bubbles and I’m not sure if I will keep it up. I think it could look really neat if I did the whole wall, I just need someone to help me. I still have the fabric for the rest of the room. I could potentially take what’s up down, wash it, and see if I could trick someone into helping me and try again… As for now the rest of my fabric is in a big pile on my bed… Maybe I should just give in and make pillow covers (though my sewing abilities are worse than my measuring)…


Oh well, lessons learned.

xoxo- Nikki


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