The wonder of drop cloths

Drop Cloths- For more than just painting! I admittedly cannot sew. While I am a big fan of “make your own curtain” blogposts, even the simple straight folded-under seam seems well, daunting.

After spending months looking for decent fabric for curtains and trying a few failed attempts with buying curtains (I’ll touch on this at a later post, about my gray thermal curtains) I had the voila moment and decided to go with canvas drop cloths. These were all purchased at the same time the boy bought me that Caribbean Blue paint for my birthday. (What a weird thing to want for your birthday… paint, furniture polish, and drop cloths).

So I used one of those cable things from Ikea as a curtain rod and purchased 4 packages of rings with clips. I probably could have used more, but I was on a budget. The curtains were the small 5’x7′ drop cloths. I had two windows but I purchased 3 of those parameters. I went with the drop cloths over a bolt of canvas because they are already hemmed. Also, I wanted the curtains to graze the ground. My boy hung the wire, but I would have preferred to go all the way to the ceiling (granted the architecture prevented it). I just folded the excess under. I could have got that iron on seam stuff but pretty soon after I hung the curtains I learned we were getting kicked out so I figured what’s the point…

photo_5 photo_4 photo_3

I also purchased 2 larger drop cloths to use as a NO SEW SLIPCOVER! I simply folded it around the chair and stapled it to the couch section.


Before I moved I took all the drop cloths to the laundromat. I find they are a little less scratchy now. Since moving I used the slipcover drop cloths just like they used to be. Admittedly, I do need to re-stretch/fold/staple the covers. I have used the old curtains for other projects.

An ottoman


A poor-person side table.




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