When Fuzzy Monsters Strike

When Fuzzy Monsters Strike– aka the cats barf on something fabric-based, it is time to clean.  A few days ago I came home after working 14 hours to a nice surprise on one of my couch’s drop cloth treatments. Depending on the size and type of the mess, you can often use laundry detergent and water to clean it up.  However, this particular incident required a trip to the laundromat to utilize one of the super-size washing machines.  (I put them both in the big one, and washed the covers in hot with normal amounts of detergent).




A few points to note-

1. When fuzzy monsters strike and you are removing drop cloths that are stapled to the chairs, take care in removing all the staples before washing.  Also be careful to get them all and discard. They hurt like you wouldn’t believe to step on accidentally.

2. You could go the extra step and iron the drop cloths for a crisper look.  They were still warm when I recovered so I skipped the ironing. (Also, I am lazy).

So lets begin! First step is to pull the chair away from the wall and drape the drop cloth. The ones I’m using have a seam down the middle. I use this as the seam I push into the crevice between the back and sitting cushion.

photo_1 photo_2 photo_3


Once I am happy I staple a few anchor staples on the back bottom. Then I flip the chair up onto a side.


I play around with folds and creases and try to pull tight what needs to be taut and staple. I staple excess fabric to the bottom center of the chair.  Then you flip it over and get the other side.

photo_7 photo_8 photo_9

Then you do the other chair.  Obviously, the fuzzy babies will want to help.


Voila! So next time when fuzzy monsters strike I’ll be even more proficient at recovering my chairs!




4 thoughts on “When Fuzzy Monsters Strike

  1. shinygreenlife

    Awwww ur ginger baby looks just like mine … they’re so adorable (I have to keep repeating that as his fave hobby is knocking glasses & cups off the counter top so they smash!) :)

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