Quitting the Style Cure

I have decided I am Quitting the Style Cure. You may recall when I posted about my attempt at Apartment Therapy‘s “Style Cure.” I tried to get photos to capture the room I wanted to “cure.” So far, most of the path towards remedy has consisted of planning, finding inspiration, and picking out paint. BUT I AM NOT ALLOWED TO PAINT. (Sadface). Also, I just don’t have an unlimited budget to do what I really want (purchase real Eames chairs and Herman Miller tables).

So today, alas, I am putting up the white flag. There are some cancerous things which cannot be fixed. (The crappy crappy floors or the white walls… my inability to find a job job). Instead of curing my perfectly sub-par living room I am going to make three simple changes.

1. I will somehow hang up curtains.  I have purchased some white sheerish ones from Ikea.  I have also purchased some teal fabric from Fabric.com. Arrival pending, if the color is not too horrible I will attempt to make curtains AND MAYBE EVEN *GASP* USE MY SEWING MACHINE.


ugly windows

(got to love that ugly ac unit).

2. I will find a solution to hide all (most) of these cords. The basket is new (relocated here from the kitchen) and helps… possibly a well-placed plant and some zip ties?


entertainment center / all of the cords

3. I will put some other table here. I have one that matches the one on the other side of the couch. It just needs some serious serious attention (or perhaps a serving tray or other covering items). I have that old school desk. Heck, even an old tv tray that I found could be better. Also, I would like to update these lamp shades… Can you spray paint a lampshade? I am just worried that I will do one and make it look worse than it already does and be forced to either live with it or worse, have to buy 2 more (pairs have to match, right?).


so much wrong here

And, If I am feeling extra ambitious I will make a pillow cover. I might keep the owl one, but I think the yellow pillow could really use an update…



HAHA- who am I kidding! Since I am Quitting the Style Cure I will probably not be that ambitious… The colors already almost go with my old color scheme. I thought maybe I could use the wallpaper technique to do a wall but it just doesn’t work well with the space I am working with. Blah. On a plus note, I think today I may paint a dresser for the heck of it. Depends what paint I have laying around ;) All I know is, maybe my living room doesn’t need a cure. Maybe I just need a few band aids. It’s not the end of the world, quitting the style cure.

xoxo- Nikki


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