Fabric Wallpaper Update


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It is time for a Fabric Wallpaper Update.  About a week ago I attempted to wallpaper one wall (only one wall!) of my bedroom with lovely fabric and starch. It didn’t really work and I was left just with one panel up.  I stared at it for a week and debated between taking it all down or just finishing the wall. Finally the semi-ambitous side of me gave in and I finished paneling the wall. (A real go-getter would have taken it down and started over). I’d like to share my progress:


First off, let me share the “glue” I am using in my Fabric Wallpaper Update. This starch took me a moment to find but I found it at my local JewelOsco in the laundry detergent isle.

wallpaper "glue

wallpaper “glue”

Second, this is what the wall looks like from my bed. Its not perfect but it is improved from the one solo panel which used to be hanging there.



When doing a project like this I absolutely recommend measuring TWICE then cutting each panel to fit before you get it on the wall. It would be worth it to purchase actual sewing scissors or one of those circular/roller cutters. I stopped worrying if the pattern would match up around the third piece.

I took off the light switch plate when I got to this part, and cut out a little square for the switch. I am sure In another week I will reattach the plate.  I am trying to think of the best way to cover the plate since there is a blob of paint on it.

light switch plate

light switch plate

And these are a few close ups of some issues. (bubbles and the seam.) Maybe in a week I will fix them. I think I just need some well placed furniture for my next Fabric Wallpaper Update (remember that dresser I wanted to fix?).


big ol’ bubbles and a sloppy seam


edge of fabric (but look! It basically lines up)




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