Green Lampshades

bon jovi and my green lampshade

Bon Jovi and my green lampshade

I have given up on Apartment Therapy’s “Style Cure” but not on my living room. You may remember the Salvation Army lamps I have. One of the perks of doing this Wine With Ice blog is letting myself take risks and actually do my DIY and home improvement projects. This morning I searched the web for Green Lampshades. Obviously I found zero in my (very small) budget. I decided to bite the bullet and make my very own Green Lampshades.

A few weekends ago I trekked to the ‘burbs to have lunch with my parents and to purchase some spray paint.

photoToday I decided was the day I was going to use the green one! I have been hesitating on painting my lampshades because in real life there is no ” alt command z” command… But I realized the crummy shades I am currently using are nothing to write home about, and really it would/should be pretty easy to find cheap neutral replacements.  First things first, I tried to clean the shades.

photo_3 photo_4

Then I took them to my special spray-painting nook in my upstairs attic.


Then I did a few coats in sweeping motions where I rotated the shades.


Then I took them back downstairs and put them on the lamps.  I decided one needed one more coat and took it back upstairs.


All in all, I cannot tell if I did not clean them well enough or if the spray paint caused them to “texture” a little bit.


This was a super simple and super easy DIY project. The easiest (laziest) way to change a space is to add little pops of color. For now, my Green Lampshades are a subtle pop of color that will do until I can afford nice things.

xoxo- Nikki


8 thoughts on “Green Lampshades

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    1. nikkiproctor Post author

      The light does filter- I think because I used a lighter color it creates a nice glow. I have actually repainted these shades (I am still working on getting them on the blog) with a seafoamy greenish color and they still have that nice warm glow when the light is on. Not sure how darker colors would work but assuming the wattage of the bulb is high enough I think you would still have some light filtering though.

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