Thoughts after my sweet 10-day, three city, third world Adventures in Ecuador (boyfriend’s family):

Hot showers, clean water, toilet paper, sewage, paved roads, low emission vehicles are all privileges. Remember that, people. I came back with all these feelings of humble and awareness of my own life with real glass windows… and then promptly took the longest shower ever!

Second, I did not get kidnapped, or robbed, or sick! Tips for you, readers… I didn’t drink the water right away. I also stuffed my bra with my cash and didn’t carry a purse. And left my iPhone in N. America. I’m pretty sure that my experience living and working in Brooklyn’s toughest neighborhoods thoroughly prepared me for this adventure.

Third, there are TWO Americas!

Oh the adventures!

Leaving the iPhone at home was key to unplugging and (major withdrawals) relaxing.

After all that said, I really should have left my expectations at home too… I always overestimate myself. I imagined I’d spent time on the beach realizing my future self and finding direction for my life (unemployment solution).

Alas, there was a THREE YEAR OLD with us for half the trip on the beach!

New thoughts:

Life is Ongoing process.

The b/f’s father is approaching 60, the one with a 3 y.o, and still does not feel like he is settled or has his life figured out! This is what I gathered with my Spanish translation skills… This may have been the most unsettling part of the trip. I’m beginning to think adulthood is an illusion. At least the b/f has good genes!

Travel vs. Babies

I want both, sometimes. You cannot have both, oh and that career, too. At least, not at the same time and in NYC.

I’m trying really hard not to get a job right away because I know it’s usually 6 months probation until vacation time. I may have read Tina Fey’s book Bossypants on the trip (improv life lessons). There is Time magazine out now on ‘the childfree life’ – I don’t need to read it to know traveling without a little one is waaaay easier, just think of all your baggage times one or times two!

True story: the b/f and I literally ran and hid in the bathroom from the little one in order to escape and go to the beach. She was sticking her tiny fingers under the door!.. “Donde esta..?” If we were parents, social services would have certainly been called, if they had social services in a third world country.

I’m convinced that with enough planning I could have both… But these are things that clash with planning. Back to the drawing board.

But first, Look at the handmade rug I found searched for in the secret back room of the textile market with goods from the Otavalo people, who by the way were SO patient with my indecisive American ways. As soon as I recover from the travel lag of my adventures, I’ll put up a shot of it in action.




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