No Sew Curtains


I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve made (ok, hung) another set of No Sew Curtains! It was pretty easy too… at least the curtain making part. For this project I purchased fabric (we’ll say 25$) iron on hem stuff (3$) new sewing scissors (8$- though I could say I needed these for other projects… sometimes kitchen scissors just don’t cut it) and I had recently purchased 3 packages of Ikea curtains- I used 2 (20$). I used all of the old curtain hanging hardware and wire left from the old apartment (0$), and I purchased 2 cheepo curtain rods from Home Depot (4$). Total (minus the scissors)= 52$.

It seems like a lot, but the Ikea curtains were actually purchased as a “just cause I found a ride to Ikea, I should probably grab these to use at some point,” so you can subtract the 20$ from the 52$ bringing my project cost to 32$!!!

First things first, I got rid of the ugly mini blinds.

photo_4 photo_5

Then I did some calculations and tried to figure out where to hang the curtain wire. Then I hung the wire. Ok, the boy hung the wire (and probably questioned our relationship throughout the ordeal). This process took the longest. Ikea sells these kits for around 12$ and they seem like a very good idea. You may remember seeing them in my drop cloth post. THESE ARE A TERRIBLE IDEA! It is near impossible to get the wire taut enough without ripping the little posts out of the wall. To make these function properly is difficult without prior knowledge of what is behind the drywall.  With that said, I used what I had on hand. (I still had an entire spool of wire that comes in the kit. (Obviously, Bon Jovi helped).

photo_3 photo_2

photo_6 photo_7 photo_8

Once I (the man) got the wire up I got to business on the floor of my living room. I measured twice and set the tape measure as a guide at 104 inches. Then I cut. I cut all the fabric at once.


Once the fabric was cut, I put in the magic seam stuff. I found that if I ironed a little crease first the process went much smoother. As far as ironing goes, I simply followed the directions on the back of the package and it worked like a charm.



Then I hung up the first one! I liked what I saw. I used drapery clips (I used these in the drop cloth curtains. You can find them in packages of 10 at Home Depot or JoAnn’s and Ikea sells packs of 24 for much cheaper). I used 10 clips per panel.  I finished the 4 teal no sew curtains and decided to figure out how to hang the white Ikea curtains (without using the IKEA leftover wire sets, even though I had enough wire). This is where those cheepo hangers come into play.



And voila! I love it!  No Sew Curtains!  I am going to buy a hook from my local Ace Hardware to support the wire in the middle (but right now I am waiting for the UPS guy to bring my chairs!

photo_13 photo

(also see that filing cabinet beside the couch! Found it on my run yesterday! Great base for a future project!!!)



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