If you give a mouse a cookie…

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie  was one of my favorite books as a child, and I find myself referencing it often.  I have also been known to quote Outcast, but we’ll save that for another day. However, this is totally my DIY mentality. In the children’s book by Laura Numeroff and Illustrated by Felicia Bond, a mouse is given a cookie by a little boy and asks for a glass of milk. He then procedes with demands starting with a straw and ending with him wanting another cookie and glass of milk. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie also happens to be written the year I was born. 1985.

As far as my DIY projects go, it always starts with one thing then leads to another. You may recall the chairs my honey got me for our anniversary! Here they are in our apartment:

Baxton Studio Chairs!

Three Year Anniversary Chairs!

I think these chairs are a good interior decoration choice for a few reasons. One, they are a classic color. White will always match whatever color scheme I choose.  Hopefully they will be cat resistant. The little Fuzzy Monsters love to claw at my rugs and couches so I knew not to spend $1,000 on the leather recliner I really (really) want. I think they will even enjoy sunning themselves in these chairs and they can be wiped down easily. And now it is a DIY challenge to actually make some new pillow cases. Future projects! (for the sake of the blog). Also, they will be appreciated by my friends because 1, they will have somewhere to sit and 2, I think they are considered “designerly” enough to make me seem much cooler than I really am. (Also to hide that fact that my crappy couch is covered by a drop cloth that is stapled to it).


poor person table

Obviously, now I need to tackle this room. I am still using a poor person table and there are no window treatments. It needs a rug. Actually, I want to move the rug in my middle room here and get a new one for there, but one thing at a time. It would help if the boy didn’t insist on parking his bike inside… need to find a creative/aesthetically acceptable bike hanging method/shelf…

Well, you may also recall the chairs I purchased off Ebay while loverboy was ordering the white ones. They arrived today and here they are!


we don’t ever actually eat food at this table

Now here is where my day got all if you give a mouse a cookie-ish:

First off, now the table is too small. It has always been too small but now I think I need a new one stat! (But I just purchased plane tix to visit Alexandra so unless the magic alley gods find me one…)

Second, here are before and after. You may note I added/moved some of the artwork around.


Naturally, as I was hammering into the wall a frame fell and broke all over the place prompting me to vacuum the entire down stairs.  While I was doing that I noticed my plant had gotten bigger so I did a little cutting and put the clipping in a bottle. This is a GREAT way to DIY to more plants. 1. Save cool bottles. 2. Get a good home depot plant. Everyone should have one. 3. Make clippings. They will live just fine forever in the water as long as you make sure you keep adding more!


Then I thought about making a cocktail but meh, it’s a little early for that


I also thought about doing something about our dying attempt at growing plants but it is just too hot in the house…


And then with ice water I retreated to the safety of my air-conditioned bedroom and decided to write a blog about it/ look at more blogs for ideas!!! Maybe it’s time to get into lamp/fixture making??? Gah too many cookies not enough money! If you give a mouse a cookie she will fix up your whole place…


ps, not sure why the quality of the photos is so bad today…I admit I should stop using the filter, but you know how much I love Polaroids (shake it, shake it)… another cookie, another day.


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