Before and After

I should really be applying for jobs, but since my mind space is still in a foreign country I’ll post up a before and after after and before picture and a list of places I still want to travel in my lifetime.

1. Morocco.
2. The rest of South America.
3. Belize, because I have a free week stay, thanks to suggesting
4. Anyplace that’s safe for a white girl in India.
5. Anyplace that’s safe for a white girl in Mexico.
6. Approximately all of Europe.
7. Alaska (by cruise ship).
8. Savannah, Georgia.
9. California.
10. The moon (round trip).

If I was brave and smart I’d figure a way to provide Art Therapy in foreign places. But that requires funding, speaking the language, and also sticking around long enough to form relationships with people in order to actually help them.

For the moment I’m staying put, and decorating. See the lovely teal traditional table cloth from a market Ecuador? I switched it out in my kitchen. I used two thumbtacks to hang it, seriously. Best injection of color while abiding the renter no paint rule!




2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. amanda

    Safety is relative and your race really have nothing to do with it.If you feel uncomfortable traveling to areas where you may be a ‘minority’ just do a group tour, and don’t go off the beaten path. Kontiki has group trips for the under 35 crowd. Otherwise keep your wits about you, make common sense choices, take the advice of local women, and keep pepper spray handy.

    1. nikkiproctor

      I don’t think that Alex’s main concern is that she is a minority. It is obviously first, being a woman. And obviously, the experience she wants is not a group tour. I have watched as she has navigated and lived through neighborhoods where a red-headed pale-skinned (*beautiful) girl from a farm is something people/ “locals” have never experienced. Being a woman, first is a scary scary thing. Until you are mugged at gunpoint (in your own town) or harassed to the point that it is way more than cat-calls maybe you don’t share that fear. Based on Alex’s experience on WHERE SHE HAS LIVED SIMPLY IN BROOKLYN she is more than justified on being worried about her minority, especially in her desire to see the entire world, a world where people have animosity towards Americans and even different ideals about women. And telling her to keep pepper spray/her wits about her is like telling people to look on craigslist when they tell you they are looking for an apartment. Alex is not the dullest tool in the shed (Really, she was the much smarter one to me). As her “big butch friend” I am still aware how small I am as a woman and the things that a man barely larger than myself could potentially do terrifies me. In our blog we are trying to avoid being political or feminist or racial but we are American female women and there are places out there that are not safe to travel.

      We really appreciate comments, they have been so positive but please stay away from race/politics/telling us to look on craigslist. Alex wants to see all of the world, heck give them art therapy but the reality is it not safe, especially for someone who can not hide that they are not a local. I do not know how your comment was approved, I was probably so happy that someone responded and did not read it thoroughly, but Alex was trying to vent/share her frustrations about being a budget traveler/American woman/woman/non local/inject humor/process her trip to a third world county. “Safety” is not getting robbed/raped and I don’t thing that is a “relative” concern.


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