Spray Paint Fun

If you live in a place like Chicago, it can take a few extra steps to have a little Spray Paint Fun. You may recall my green lampshadesI also did one more tiny project that day. This was an ultra fast and super easy DIY project that anyone can complete.

photo photo_1






I simply taped off the mirror part. Then I sprayed a few coats. The key in spray paint fun is not to rush the process. Keep the can about a foot away and mist your color on. This avoids drips and splotches.

photo_2 photo_3

I would advise in the case you make the effort to obtain spray paint, be sure to grab at least two cans of the colors you like. You will run out quickly and still have projects you want to complete.  When I grabbed the green, I wasn’t sure what I would use it for but I have found it looks great with the teal curtains. A whole wall this color might be too much, but the little pops really compliment the natural and teal elements.

My regret, not purchasing a second can of this color.


Can’t wait until I figure out what spray paint fun to have next!



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