DIY Photos

one last good cat photo...

one last good cat photo…

Ok people. I get it I get it. I need better DIY photos. (Or rather, photos of my DIY projects). Obviously I should stop using the filters. I should work on lighting. Heck, maybe I should sneak them through Photoshop and clean them up. I am first, admittedly an Iphone photographer and second, a Polaroid junky so to me the filters are beautiful, and mimic the aesthetic I treasure. I just want people to see the improvements so alas, I will start trying to cut back on filters and take better pictures. (I can’t quit completely though).

I spent the weekend really thinking about the blog. I have invited one of my very dear friends to write about her travels. We got our first negative comment which angered and saddened us but isn’t the phrase “all press is good press?” I spent a lot of time looking for ideas and looking how other blogs do their photography. I actually talked to real people about my experience in writing this blog. It has turned into my new response to the “what do you do/what have you been doing” questions.


In two weeks I’m headed to New York to see Alexandra! We have plans to bum around and paint some sites and do things that best friends do (drink wine). In the mean time, I have a few small goals for the week:

1. Figure out a new method for posting DIY photos. This could be one filtered photo as the main image with better photos in the step-by-step proccess, eliminating filters (NOOOOOO), or *gasp dusting off my old digital camera.

2. Pick one museum in NYC and plan a day to go. Need to figure what exhibits are up right now and what would be worth seeing. I have been to MOMA, so maybe find out what is at the Guggenheim?

3. Since I have quit Apartment Therapy’s style cure, I have slowed down on progress of my downstairs. I think this week I need to corral the cords, make new cushion covers, and get a hook for my curtain wire.

4. No wine with ice for the week. Alex has threatened to drag me to the beach and I feel like this summer has been a little heavy with ice wine… and that heavy is showing on my hips… A week or two off the sauce should not only make me feel better but look a little better (I mean, if I’m going to blind people with my white tummy might as well try to at least give it a little tone…).

5. Apply to job jobs. (Got to pretend like I am trying.)

OMG, I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING. Last night I spent a lot of time googling “swoopy bangs” and watched a few videos on how to cut your own bangs. Now, obviously I have always been cutting my own hair and bangs (DIY for life!), I just never watched a video on how to do it. I have been trying to grow my fringe out, but at the end of the day I have a very large forehead that has a very nice widows peak and Harry Potter Scar. (From the time I used my face to break a pane of glass while working at Hobby Lobby). So today, after my run I will (re)cut my bangs! Results pending, I will try to post (unfiltered) photos of the entire process!

Ok, amigos… off to figure out how to take better DIY photos.

xoxo- Nikki


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