Street finds are sweet finds

Alexandra’s Room Tour


Home sweet home. This is a shot of the main bedroom in my attic apartment in Brooklyn, newly decorated with travel finds from my Adventures. We’re going for non-girly global eclectic theme here.

Wall color: can’t paint it apartment white.

Mirror: found it on my street in East NY!!! It may have had a past life hanging over a fireplace mantle. Heavy as hell. Stamped made in Canada; seems legit. Why do people throw away such treasures?!

Oriental Fireplace screen: acquired at b/f’s family’s attic. Excellent hamper hider.

Rug and blanket: Cuenca, Ecuador street market with vendors from Otavalo. Made from alpacas I think. At this point in my life, I’m happy to afford any beautiful handmade rugs. I cannot currently afford to give a damn about proper bed to rug size ratios.

Wall hangings: pair of Elephant weavings from Thailand via an airbnb guest. Tree carving from Target via the b/f.

Vase and decor: b’day vintage surprise from the b/f.

Home Depot impulse houseplant sits on a storage treasure chest found on the street this time on date night in park slope!!!

And now… A very important note on street finds. Always inspect in daylight if possible, or use flashlight app. Check for bugs and other crap you don’t want to lug home. Make sure you can get it home, and disassemble if necessary. Clean it with steamed water with alcohol to kill any critters.



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