Why I love my best friend.

I have about 500 reasons why I love my best friend, but here are the top 10.

1. She is the sister I didn’t get to have since I only have a brother. (She only has a brother too so we get to pretend we are sisters).

2. She has bailed me out of campus jail and driven me to the emergency room.

3. “Your mom is a public beach.”

4. The times we have retrieved each other and the outfits we were wearing.

5. Shared love/anger/art/whiskey/wine/conversation/home/vacations/meals.

6. Our little house.

7. Our attempt at interneting (this blog/ our old shared myspace).

8. She is the one person in the universe who doesn’t judge me.

9. She is also the one person who doesn’t offend me when she calls me out.

10.  She is the one person that has always believed in me, no matter how harebrained my idea was/is.

So many reasons why I love my best friend.



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