More Gloss Almond

More Gloss Almond. You may recall my cover everything liquid. I’ve purchased a second quart of my trusty paint. There is now more Gloss Almond throughout my apartment. I know, the color is Almond, and “Gloss” is the type of paint but I affectionately have been calling it “Gloss Almond” since I purchased my first can, so that is the name it will stay.

Bon Jovi always helps

Bon Jovi always helps

I know I have written about not using filters, however many of these pictures were taken before I admitted my problem.  Therefore, a few of the afters needed to be filterized. (I admit, I am the queen of justifying things so if you ever need help in that department…). With that said, here are some of the things I have “updated.”

My (hand-me-down) dresser: I gave it the lovely purple/brown treatment (it was the week after I got my wisdom teeth out I was highly medicated it seemed like a good idea:

photo_9    photo_10

*Note: I did not prime or sand. It might have looked better if I did. It took 2 coats because the paint reacted weird to my purple treatment. In some places there is a “crackle pattern” which I like, and happens when you mix latex over oils (so maybe I used oil paint??? What painkillers was I on!). This happens a little in my furniture because I don’t prime or sand.

This little shelf I found on a run. It had been downstairs saving a place for the filing cabinet I found. Now it is a temporary solution for a night stand. I think it is essential to have separate shelves for my water glass and my charging phone. Also, scored that lamp on moving day. The (former) bachelor next door was putting it in the alley because his gf was moving in. Not one to waste anything I snagged it up:

*Note: at this very moment the Ryan Gosling plugin I installed has decided to run so all my pics are Ryan Gosling. Normally, I love the Gosz, but seriously… Stop. (Or don’t stop…).


note my collection of water jars and sweet adidas sandals  photo_7

photo_13    photo_5

photo_11    photo_12

This hamper. Also found on a run. Was going to do some type of ombre treatment- maybe sometime in the future, however (possibly temporarily ) it is replacing my poor person table:

photo_4    photo_3

*For the wicker hamper I mixed the Gloss Almond with water and gloss Modge Podge to thin it out a little.


photo_2    photo_1

It is true. Most my furniture comes from alleys within a 3/4 mile radius around my home. I imagine the neighbors aren’t even surprised to see me carrying some type of shelf or basket (or even a filing cabinet) with my red face and running clothes. But I tell you what- for 8$ a can, there is nothing wrong with a little more gloss almond in my apartment and you know what, everything matches.

xoxo- Nikki


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