Fall Fashion

It is September which means it is time to think about Fall Fashion. Now I am the first to admit I am not necessarily the most fashion forward but maybe it’s the Project Runway I have been watching that is making me excited for cooler weather and rethinking my look.

In other words, I needs this:


However at $348 USD I don’t think it will be mine anytime soon. Which leads me to one thought… What If I treated my wardrobe update the way I decorate my house? 

I have a lot of clothes. While I may only frequently wear a select few items over and over, living without a washing machine in my home has given me the perfect excuse to hang on to everything. (And everyone knows that with the help of some force-flex plastic bags, clothes are more than easy to move from apartment to apartment). What I’m getting at is what if instead of buying new clothes, I edit the ones I already have? Whats wrong with a snip here or there, or an embellishment on something I don’t wear already? And how hard really is it to fix and mend clothes with small holes, or hem a pair of pants? I still have yards and yards of the magic hem stuff from my curtain project.

So, my fellow friends and DIY enthusiasts, I propose this: Instead of buying stuff mindlessly, let’s spend this season taking what we already have and updating and using it! That coat with the torn sleeve might just be itching to become a vest. Maybe those stained shirts just need to be dyed, or have something lovely sewn onto them. I know I am not alone, with my closet full to the brim with fashion potential. And if you honestly find something and honestly cannot live with out it, maybe you can let yourself buy it. Because you have been good with your monies and instead of buying any old stuff you have saved your old fashions, duh! I am excited for Fall Fashion because maybe this year will be the year I make myself learn to sew.

xoxo- Nikki


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