Neverending Job Search

The problem, my friends, is that I have never known what I want to be when I grow up. My inner eight-year-old wanted to be an astronaut/ first female president that taught PE. That is why I have been on a neverending job search since I completed undergrad back in 2007. And then I went to graduate school and picked the wrong program but stuck it out since I had told everyone I was going and now here I am waiting tables with a masters degree and a massive amount of student debt.

I would like to say I believe in the power of manifestation, but in all honesty I haven’t found the job out there yet that I truly want. I do want to work hard. I do want to help people. I do want to constantly challenge myself. I guess I should do what everyone does when they need to get something done (or find a career/go on a job hunt). Make a list!


Ten end locations for my Neverending Job Search and job hunt:

1. I will do work that promotes social good.

2. I will get to exercise my creative abilities, including (but not limited to) my love of writing, my analog craft skills, my budding code/SEO knowledge, and most importantly my problem solving skills. (This is my dream career here).

3. I will get to work from home a lot of the time. (Again, this is the dream career).

4. I will get to travel for work.

5. Through my job career I will get to participate in both a local and global community.

6. I will be able to quickly pay off my student debt while living in a “comfortable modest” way.

7. Everyday I may get to do different things. Somedays it can be the same thing, but I would like to “wear many hats” as they say in all the job posts.

8. I will get to mentor someone (at some point). I would love to have an employee (or employees).

9. I could potentially move to Colorado, a coast, Montana…

10. I will feel proud of the work I do. This is the most important factor in my future career.

There you have it. If you know anyone looking for an over-educated under-qualified hard working candidate with a master’s degree in New Media Studies (and a BFA in painting) send them my way! (I am also VERY INTERESTED IN GETTING PAID TO BLOG, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS ABOUT DIY STUFF/ART/DECORATING!!!) The right company has to be out there looking for someone like me and I just need our paths to cross on this neverending job search.

xoxo- Nikki


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