Alley Treasure

Now you know how I love alley treasure and painting furniture. September 1st is known for being one of the biggest moving days of the year, and for scavengers like me that is a really good thing. (Un)fortunately this year, I had to work a ton all weekend and only found one measly little table on one of my runs.


Someone gave up on this alley treasure!

Found this gem in the rain, at the same place I found my kitchen chairs. This alley has been wonderful for my DIY projects.


After cleaning it up I not only took off the pointless hardware (don’t worry, I’m saving it for a future project) but I tightened the wobbly leg.


Bonus future DIY project hardware.


Real women solve problems/fix tables.

Then the fun began! I used my favorite “Almond Gloss” and “lagoon” Rustoleum spray paint on the legs of my little alley treasure.


Old tablecloths make ideal DIY project drop cloths!


I’ll get you guys a better pic soon (ok, it’s not that much better cause you know how I love filters)… I forgot before I left for work and I’m blogging from work on my phone! Just wanted to share something new and my little alley treasure DIY project seemed perfect! Now if only I could figure out the best place for it to live…



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