So, if I haven’t written for a while, it is because I am on a small vacation at Alexandra’s! We are terrorizing NYC and Brooklyn with our amazing style and spending all of our money on Chinatown purchases and sweet sale clothing. I would like to note, Alexandra’s house is a DIY paradise full of street finds, travel souvenirs, nick-nacks, and remnants from our old art school days.


Wine and friendship in New York!

I picked up a few scarves to use around my apartment. I wish I could take this awesome rug with me!


Chinatown Scarves or future DIY projects?


Remembering Chinatown!

We went to this great little place also:
Here are some photos of Alexandra’s DIY paradise:


Plants make any home better (even DIY paradises)



DIY Project alert! Pirate chest and booty.. arrrrguh!


Simply lovely assemblage of alley finds and treasures!


How cute! A DIY corner of charm!


Inherited coffee table with NYC guides for guests!

I am really having the best time even though we spent yesturday recovering from Monday’s Brooklyn bar tour of all the places Alex has ever gone. I did get some Sunday night mojitos!!


DIY Best Friend Mojito Sundays!

Let me tell you a few reasons we are BFFs: 1. A love of all shades of Teal. 2. The amount of furniture we own in our individual spaces that we found on the street. 3. Similar relationship testing Ikea cable rod curtains



Today we are supposed to play educated tourists and hit up the Guggenheim so I am just waiting for alex to wake up! It wouldn’t be a vacation without a boat ride (past the Statue of Liberty) or me purchasing at least one pair of shoes so I hope she gets up soon!



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