Chinatown Scarves

Sorry if the bogging has been sparse, but I’ve been on vacation. In my travels I went to NYC and purchased three token Chinatown Scarves. Now that I am back in Chicago I am trying to get back into the DIY and decorating mode. Bonus, while it was 90 degrees in NYC, it is now a lovely 62. FALL!

As far as my Chinatown scarves, on this trip I purchased 3 (for $10 total!) solid colors. I purchased two different shades of teal and one lime green. As of yet, the green just isn’t matching. I was hoping to match the green lampshades.

For now, I have strategically wrapped teal scarf 1 around a pillow and teal scarf 2 is draped over my other chair.


DIY pillow cover


DIY project at its easiest! Simple drape!

If anyone is headed to NYC soon, I def recommend Chinatown scarves! You can always find at least 5 for $20 of the patterned ones and they make the best Christmas presents for casual acquaintances and even elderly (female) family members. In fact, last year me and my mother BOTH gave each other Chinatown scarves. I wish I would have bought a few more with patterns because I think the right colors could have made nice window enhancements.



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