Easy Sew Cushion Covers

I know I promote no sew projects but I broke down and made some easy sew cushion covers. A certain orange cat made a mess while I was on vacation and despite my washing attempts ruined my favorite owl pillow. So I decided to attempt the impossible and dust off the ol’ sewing machine. (By old I mean it was my mother’s in the 70s). As someone who’s middle school curriculum did not involve home ec, google helped me thread bobbins and “adjust the tension.”

Now let’s see if I can find you a pic of the old cushion…


Cats! Makers, creators, destroyers of all DIY projects…

This is from the old house with the little culprit himself.

So here is what I did- long ago I purchased more teal chevron fabric then I know what to do with… It was hanging out on my floor in a pile:


TEAL CHEVRON FABRIC! all of the DIY projects…

Without using rulers or really a real plan I folded it over the pillow and left a little excess on each side to accommodate for sewing. And then I cut.


Then I folded it in half inside out and sewed up each side. Then to imitate the bottoms seam I sewed along the fold.


I have no idea what type of tension or stitch I used, I went with the one that looks like the yellow in the middle of the road at a rate that it wouldn’t knot…


Authentic Vintage Kenmore Sewing Machine

Then, I sewed the pillow into the case. I turned the cut edges into the pillow so you can’t see the frayed edges. Think if you were hemming your pants so you fold the excess under but then sew the cuff all the way through and straight across (whoops!).

Then I got real ambitious and covered a second pillow. Dare I say my sewing almost improved? (No, it really did not. I did however cut a little cleaner…).


You can DIY- the inside out easy sew pillow case!

They look pretty good in my (crappy) photos! As Alexanda said, my easy sew cushion covers “look good from far away!”


My own DIY paradise and cat (aka meow machine).


Closeup of glorious DIY easy sew pillow cases

If I can do it, you can do it! Easy sew cushion covers and easy DIY projects for everyone, even die-hard no sewers like me.
Xoxo- Nikki


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