Wine Review

I don’t claim to be an expert, except for what I have tried myself, but here is my first ever wine review. As a fan of a good rose, I would like to introduce you to my favorite find from my local wine shop- The Noble Grape. If you are lucky they have a shelf near the door of their more affordable selections. Over the summer I found the Casal Garcia Vinho Verde.


For the sake of this wine review… If you believe that.

It had a little computer print out sign that said 8$ and that was good enough for me. It is usually sold alongside a white varietal from the same people and I have tried it and it wasn’t bad.

From the label I can tell that it is from Portugal, and the alcohol by volume is 10%. Basically in my “professional” experience that number means it is light enough to not taste like straight alcohol, but enough to do the job. (A Riesling may take a whole bottle while a few glasses of Shiraz may result in a hangover). It doesn’t give that much more of an explanation, but I think the store said that this particular rose is of a tempernillo type. I’d say it is almost citrus on the nose, but more jam (strawberry?) on the tongue, with out being bitter the way some reds can be or oaky like some whites are. (Noble Grape should hire me to do a wine review for them!)- that’s the dream…


Wine with ice!

It’s sweet but not the type that hurts the sides of your tongue. The beauty of rose is it is best served chilled. The lovely boys at Noble Grape always offer me a cold bottle (I buy 2 at a time) but I don’t have the heart to tell them I am going to put it over ice. My little shop doesn’t always have this (hence me justifying buying two at a time) so I make sure to stock up within my budget allowance. This would go great with anything from fish to steak because it is subtle and mellow. Think Pinot noir without staining your teeth!

Rose is a good choice when giving gift wine, hosting a dinner party, or ordering for a table. It is a good compromise for white and red drinkers, and a way to drink red(ish) wine on a hot day. Be wary of the kind that has bubbles, I find they are often too sweet.

If you find yourself in a wine shop and my Casal Garcia Vinho Verde is available (and gasp! affordable) go for it! You won’t be disappointed! Way better than Yellowtail (and I love me some tail). Seriously! This might be my first wine review, but I have learned a thing or two working in all these restaurants (and if your day is anything like mine, you deserve this!).
Xoxo- Nikki


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