Doing it Myself: Pop of Color Lamp Makeover

A fellow home designer has fun with lamps and spray paint! (And you know I love green!!!) Check out my DIY Green Lampshade

September Four Interiors

lamp Collage Spray painting a lamp is a right of passage for a home decor blogger. And I felt it was time for me to take the plunge and spray paint my first lamp. This lamp was a Goodwill steal.

(It’s mate is waiting for it’s turn at a second life)

I have to confess something about myself. I don’t take risks. I’m a play it safe kind of girl. I was going to paint this lamp white. Because white is classic and safe, right?

I stood in Lowe’s,  my toddler screaming in the cart, trying hurriedly and desperately to make up my mind. Classic white, heirloom white, glossy white, or matte white.

Then my eyes gravitated to my favorite shade of green. The same green that just happens to be in my brand new living room color scheme.

I threw caution to the wind and threw it in the cart.


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