To Quit or Not to Quit

It’s no secret that I am not employed in my dream career. To quit or not to quit is a question I ask myself every day, especially on perfectly sunny Saturday afternoons while the dread of having to go work in a restaurant creeps in.

On one hand, I do like being able to work 4 or less days a week and make more than most entry level professionals. In my free time I am able to workout in less crowded gyms, tackle the World Wide Web, scavenge for ally treasures, and do (and write about) DIY projects to my heart’s content.

On the other, I am not valued as an important employee, people with less skills than I have higher positions, upper management doesn’t listen to my ideas, and every day that I don’t quit, my master’s degree gathers more and more dust and the prospective of entering a real workforce grows dimmer and dimmer.

What is a girl to do? The best advice when I ask people to quit or not to quit my job is to have a back-up plan. Obviously every single day I am tweaking my resume and trying to find that ideal combination of office security and creative freedom. The problem is, each day I don’t quit I am disappointed by the changes that don’t happen, both in my career development and my current workplace.

So, as the minutes tick by slowly and 4:30 threatens to approach once again on a beautiful Saturday afternoon I ask myself. To quit or not to quit.
Xoxo- Nikki


One thought on “To Quit or Not to Quit

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