Kitchen Limbo

Friends, I am stuck in kitchen limbo. I am just not sure what to do. You may remember my washi tape treatment. Well, at some point last week I took most of it down. It was just starting to feel too dorm-decory.

kitchen snapshot

At least my chairs look awesome!

Obviously it would help if I cleaned up the dishes… I left the red tape on because the doors are old and crappy and slightly disintegrating in places. Also, the white is peeling.

cabinet door closeup

This may or may not be mold.


I am stuck in this kitchen limbo in a few ways. If I could do what I really wanted, I would probably paint the upper cabinets white and the lower ones a darker color. I would also probably paint a nice color backsplash between the upper and lower cabinets. (Remember this DIY project?). Unfortunately, I CANNOT PAINT anything in this house.

I have a few ideas- 1. Find a way to attach some type of panel to the doors. 2. Washi tape the wood underneath the (ugly) white doors. A mint green peak-a-boo could be fun for a little while. 3. Some type of sectional colorful artwork panels for a makeshift backsplash? 4. Present the landlords with a mock up of what I plan to paint and see if I can get their consent? (Doubtful). 5. Build some type of countertop cover that is either a nice shiny wood/teal/red/tiled?

Here are a photos of what else is happening in my kitchen:

bar cart

Every good home needs a stocked bar cart!

table chairs

Gotta love a good gallery wall.

Seriously friends! Any suggestions? I think I would like to keep with the red/light teal/black and white theme. I’d love to hear ideas for DIY projects to help me get out of this kitchen limbo!
Xoxo- Nikki


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