Boyfriend Decor


Yes, there is a ship wheel in our bedroom…

It is no secret that both Nikki and I have to deal with a little boyfriend decor. My mathematical man would most likely be happiest if we turned our top-floor apartment into a pirate ship. Nikki is a little luckier because her man confines “all his things with cords” to a little office off their front room. He does, however, insist on keeping his bicycle indoors. Even though there is a little nook (with extra room!) just outside their door where Nikki’s bike rests when not in use.

bike storage

you cannot win them all

We have had to make a few concessions. If we had our way, we would paint the floors teal and the walls dancing green just like a little house we once shared. However, with strict “no painting policies” and men who don’t share a love of all things teal we have had to make a few compromises. After all, who else would hang our relationship testing ikea curtain rods?

We also make other decoration decisions based on sharing a space with a male. Left to her own devices, Nikki would have a luxurious grey and white themed bedroom with pops of pink or teal.  By trying to bridge the feminine/masculine bridge, she opted for a green bedspread and a bright green rug. It’s kind of like trying to decorate for a child when you don’t know the gender.

green bed spread

Bridging the gap between his and hers.

Further proof that my live-in love would turn our abode into a pirate ship, we have a lovely street-found mantle complete with pirate chest and paraphernalia. I have obviously tired to incorperate my feminie mystique with the pillows on the chairs, but tell me does your house/living room have a pirate chest as a focal point? (This is boyfriend decor times 100).


The biggest problem is, we love these men despite their ideas about decorating. They are relatively good roommates (pretty much the best ones we’ve had since we lived together) who put up with most of our antics. At the moment, I am spending my days dreaming of a new couch. While Nikki could probably get away with buying a new one, putting it in her apartment and discarding the old with out her partner even noticing, I have to be a little more sensitive of my boyfriend decor. (Granted, I don’t have to deal with a bicycle in the middle of a room when there is a perfectly good nook outside).

Cheers, Alexandra (with a little help from Nikki).


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