Shift Happens

It is no secret I’ve been itching for a change job-wise. Well, as luck would have it the universe is making sure shift happens. I’m out if town staying in the most luxurious of country homes (really! I had lobster Benedict for breakfast) and back home in Chicago the life I knew is already changing. My little restaurant is not the same and I am not sure I have a job to go back to.


On the plus, I have an interview Wednesday at the dream restaurant (seriously, it’s not only one of my favorites, it is right around the corner from my house) and a grad school mate contacted me about a possible graphic design job. Shift happens.

I like to believe I live in the camp of “when one door closes, climb out the window and down the fire escape.” While it is more than stressful to worry about my state of employment, maybe a forced quit wouldn’t be the worst thing.

I have taken a hundred photos of the cutest pups here are a few:


After dinner at one of Southern Illinois finest establishments I saw this sign:

Well, I am done waiting and you know, shift happens.


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