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Updated View

I know I just published a post about my updated kitchen cabinets but I am just SOOO happy I wanted to share with you an updated view from the front of my apartment now that the ugly cabinets are covered! Soooooooo happy! Also,Happy Halloween everybody!

Bonus points if you spy the sleeping kitty!

Bonus points if you spy the sleeping kitty!

xoxo- Nikki

Renter Solution for Hideous Cabinets

I HAVE DONE IT! While not perfect by any means I have finally come up with an acceptable renter solution for hideous cabinets!!! Gold star me please. If you have been following the blog for a little while, I am sure you have read my grumbles about the ugliest kitchen cabinets ever. “Why move into an apartment if you hate something sooo much?” you ask. (I have barely even touched on the bathroom with it’s “pick and steal” tile or the Katie Perry shower (It’s hot then it’s cold, yes then it’s no… everytime I shower). Finding an acceptable and affordable in Chicago (and I imagine any other major city) is HARD! We wanted to stay by the hip and trendy neighborhood (Wicker Park-ish) while my partner refused to move the the new hip and trendy (Logan Square) and we also need  enough space to hide from each other (we both need our own “offices”).

We were spoiled in our last apartment to have a 2 floor TWO BATHROOM coach house (oh, how I miss both of those bathrooms). We I scoured Craigslist and every other type of apartment listing service and found our current place. It is a third floor apartment with a fourth floor bedroom and BONUS STORAGE SPACE! It’s huge! And in our budget and close enough to the “right” neighborhood (and even closer to downtown). I knew from the listing it had awful cabinets (and didn’t really pay attention to the bathroom on the tour). We didn’t even GET TO SEE THE WHOLE APARTMENT because the current tenant was sleeping in our future bedroom. But it was good enough for us and since all the apartments we I made appointment to see were rented before we even got the chance to peek we “taco pizza’d” (code for give them the security deposit and rent this sucker stat) and found our new home. Home with these bad boys:

kitchen 1

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From Alley to Bedside

Boyfriend decore approved bedding

Boyfriend decor approved bedding

This is the story of how a little nightstand went from alley to bedside. It happened last week. I was complaining to Alex about how I needed to start another DIY home improvement project so I would have something to blog about. I went for my daily run and as I was doing my *cool down* walk home I spied it. It was a little further in the alley then I usually desire to go, but after a quick but thorough scan I deemed the passageway safe and trotted in. To my delight this little nightstand was super light-weight and in decent condition. (Ok, one of the legs fell off as I walked it home, but it was still pretty decent and an easy fix).

Please note, I have recently started experimenting with using a non-phone camera but I began this project using my phone. I am close to the conclusion that even though there is a tiny spec in my iphone lens, the pictures are just a teensy bit better. AHEM, SONY, PLEASE SEND ME A BETTER CAMERA NOW TO PROVE THIS WRONG!

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Photographing My Space

This is my first photo not from my phone!

First non-iphone photo (though not much better, I’m afraid)!

This morning I set about photographing my space with my digital camera and I was reminded why I love my iphone so much. After waiting overnight for the battery to charge, and messing with the settings I snapped some shots. Then I tried to get the photos off the camera and onto the computer. This should have been simple, after all I still have the cord. However, it basically required me to restart my computer twice and once I got everything imported and exported I realized two things. Only one or two photos were actually usable and well, despite my multiple liberal arts degrees I am not a very good photographer. Color and composition, yes got that down pat. It could be my camera (a Sony Cyber-shot) but let’s be honest, it’s probably me. So here is a shot from the back of my apartment (up against the hideous kitchen cabinets). I think my goal for y’all is to do a tour once I figure out the settings (complete with a floor plan). So happy Sunday! I’ll get to work photographing my space with a camera and see if I can’t start replacing some of my filtered pics.


Photo 101: Tips for Fine-Tuning Your Images

It is no secret just how much I love to use filters from my “Vintage Cam” iphone photo ap to take pictures of my DIY projects. Reading this today I realize I really do need to bust out my digi-camera and take photos and send them through photoshop. (Especially since there is a tiny scratch on my iphone lens, sadface).

So today, my friends. I promise to start trying (trying to be the key… sorry but my latest in-progress project just happens to use the photo ap) to take better photos with a camera and fixin’ them up in Photoshop. If you want to see vintage style images, check out my 500faceproject with REAL POLAROID FILM.

xoxo- Nikki

ps- Check out my inspiration:

Photo 101: Tips for Fine-Tuning Your Images | Design*Sponge.

Organizing by Color

Maybe you did this too- lining your nail-polishes up in Roy-g-biv. Or maybe it was your collection of jewel-bellied trolls (just me?). Organizing by color is something I have always done. I did it with the color of my candy wrappers at halloween (also sorting into sub categories of type of candy and tradeability with my little brother). I also did it with my Crayolas (the suitcase set), m&ms, and my fruit snacks (not the ones mom bought me- she thought those things were junk, the ones I had to trade for). I’ve always loved color, and actually, when I come to think about it, I’ve always scored near perfect on those color tests.

My studio on a cleaner day...

My studio on a cleaner night…

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Puppy Envy

Puppy Envy has been plaguing me for well over a year. I want a dog. Bad. I want a little buddy to take for walks, hang out with in the park, and watch tv with. You know how some women get all mushy every time they see a baby and can feel their lady parts hurting for a child of their own? I am definitely NOT feeling that yet, but I imagine it could be comparable to how every time I see a puppy I contemplate stealing it and making it my own. Owning a puppy would be a HUGE responsibility and would cost a bunch. And the cats would hate it. My dream breeds include french bulldogs (I know they have health problems) boston terriers, and corgis. I know better than to seek one out at this particular time of my life, and when I am ready for a dog it will find me and it wont matter what breed it is (if I do seek out a dog it will be a rescue of some sort). In the meantime, I will hang with my cats (who often act like dogs anyways). I do love my little fuzzy monsters even though they like to ruin things with their little claws and indigestion problems. Bon Jovi (the orange one) is a snugglemizer and pretty much always has to cuddle. Tuesday, the little black and white one is a meow machine. She talks a bunch. And loves sleeping on electronics. They are loyal too… they like to be in whatever room I am in, weather I’m watching tv or crafting in my art room. Still… I have Puppy Envy. One day,self. One day.


Well, my cats are muffins…

xoxo- Nikki