Sofa Challenge (indecision)

The great Sofa Challenge (indecision) 2013. What have I been doing with all my time, you ask? Well, depends who is asking… I have been working full-time on redecorating my life living room.

I think this speaks to the challenge I faced after getting laid off from my job, and wanting to change my house, my relationship, my everything – because this is what happens when you lose a job. Fortunately, (to Nikki’s delight) I can contribute my DIY “drama” to this blog.

This is a BIG DEAL! So I guess I have decided to stay in Brooklyn, NY, in this (super cheap) apartment for another two or so years. With some changes, of course. (Time to apply all great things DIY!).

The first and most important matter of business. I want need a sofa. Not a craigslist/street found futon. A cuddle with a book and blanket/get cozy all winter/place to relax/dress up with DIY pillows/brand new to me/adult purchased sofa… If only it were that easy to get out your visa card and one would appear. But no, I am stubborn and indecisive and cry and fake fight with my boyfriend A LOT. Also, my apartment is in an attic and quite complicated entry way with a 22″ wide door (and narrow, narrow stairs). Enter the diagram:

diagram of entryway

My to-scale diagram and color palate

This really helped dry up those tears, put creative energy to good use, and convince the boyfriend I was not insane and will make this happen. (I may or may not have made a big deal about the couch when in reality he would have let me do whatever I wanted as long as I was quiet and let him study the maths).

I’ll reveal the big changes over the next several posts as I complete the Sofa Challenge (indecision)(decision).



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