Before Whole Apartment Makeover

This is the before whole apartment makeover (truth)- I cannot believe I almost hired an interior designer! You can see I have a great choice in color and super budget DIY skills.

But re-decorating your own living room is an emotional process. I’m also an Art Therapist, so everything is “emotional” and a “process”. I wanted a sofa since I started my first real job. Who doesn’t want to come home and sit on a couch after work?! It is a necessary staple in the American home life. I think I’ve decided I will not rest or return to work until this project is up.

For awhile this conflicted with our airbnb business. This little Zen Den is our dedicated guest area for 2 weeks out of every month. It was supposed to be the casual comfy living room when we have no guests. But then the guests don’t really have anywhere to sit. So now I’ve rationalized that this is a business investment! You can see more photos here.


The Zen Den area is going to receive a mini make-over. I’m thinking hooks for clothes, new blinds, maybe some floor cushions, jazz up the lamps like Nikki did here, and rotating the entire room 90 degrees.


This is what has been the uncomfortable formal living room. No one sits here! “It’s not comfortable, Al!” Nikki said during her recent stay. (she did give props for the boy decor DIY pirate chest and street found mantleI). know, I know.

After two years living here, and no real big purchases (I’m really good at finding furniture on the street!), I’d say it’s time for a sofa.

But I will not stop at buying a sofa.

Here is my epic re-do list:

Set budget.
Spend 10,000 hours looking at sofa websites.
Find perfect sofa.
Buy AND assemble sofa.
DIY some cute pillows.
Fit a rug to the seating area.
Reading Chair (thrift?)
Get coffee table out of storage.
Remove bookshelf and shelf bench. This will result in an office re-do, but more on that later.
Remove those kitchen chairs to storage, or the kitchen. Buy staple gun, fabric, recover chairs.
Take down vertical blinds (yay!).
Buy, cut, install bamboo blinds.
Repair ceiling fan lamp and switch.
Side tables and lamps (buy or DIY).
Buy rugs for entry and hallway.
Make an “entry way” with a small table or shelf.

Phew! Back to “work.”(It is the time before the whole apartment makeover after all…)



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