Built in Bookshelf

There will be no “before” picture here… or other detail shots. Just my DIY “Built in Bookshelf.” My office is still a hot mess! Mostly art supplies ;) I wanted to share my office project while the living room is still in progress. Part of the living room re-do involved removing the bookshelf and putting books in the office.

One of the first things I did when deciding to re-do my whole apartment was searching for inspiration with “attic apartment” as key words. I found various clever ideas of installing bookshelves in the short wall area caused by slanted ceilings. After living here 2 years, I know this is effectively dead space that could use some help. The bookshelf wall idea stuck.

Now, I’m a girl on a semi-budget. Naturally, I looked at every single bookshelf sold in America to find the perfect dimensions and price point to buy multiples for that built-in look. Multiples… in art school we call this an aggregate. Fortunately, Ikea Billy bookshelf was designed to be an aggregate and it fit my requirements.

One Friday night at Ikea, two and a half episodes on my hulu queue, and a free Saturday night later, we have a finished project!


Tada! I’v built my very own “built in bookshelf”

I could not wait to stock it! Somehow, I really thought I had fewer books. I will be probably making more edits now that I can see everything in one place. But it looks exactly like I envisioned!


I know I’m not sharing the before or detail shots.. but I want to share that this made my room look BIGGER! A (semi) easy DIY project giving you that built in bookshelf feel, and making use of the space I have! Amazing!



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