DIY For Free

I know, I know, Alexandra has been doing laps around me when it comes to her DIY home-improvement projects. I have stepped into new territory here in Chicago, and it is time for me to DIY for free. This means, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING BUT CONTINUE TO FIX UP THE OL’ APARTMENT WITH THINGS YOU ALREADY HAVE. This involves simply oiling the nice inherited coffee tables (Holy toledo, they look so much better), mopping, and using the paints and materials I already have to fix up what I find and also, already have.

I have been working on one little update. You may recall this old jewelery box:


Well, it has undergone quite a few changes!

In the old apartment I painted it my trusty “Gloss Almond.”

painted jewelry box

In the new place, but still just boring “gloss almond”

After I painted a side table I found on one of my runs I got an idea into my head.


What if I painted the little jewelry box to match?!



So I (lazily) taped off the places I wanted to remain “gloss almond.” You can guess that I did not tape enough and over shot… whoops.



I removed the hardware this time. I opted to spray these “Catalina Mist.” It wasn’t the smoothest of covers, but it actually looks like a nice copper patina, so I’m happy.

over spray

A lazy man does his work twice… whoops!



Because my spray paint nook is poorly lit, I didn’t do a very good job of coverage. After staring at my sloppy DIY job all weekend, I used a mix I was using for an art project to touch up the legs… It wasn’t an exact match, but I like the way it looks a lot better. It now has more of a deliberate “shabby chic” look.

Finished Jewelry Box

Ta Da! A little object placement and voila!

It’s not a perfect piece of furniture, (those legs are still crooked and the paint job is not perfect) but It fits into my little scavenger chic DIY paradise. I fulfilled all my goals for this… I did not spend any money, I used what I had on hand, and I made my apartment look a tiny bit prettier.  It is easy to DIY for free! (Even if you are lazy and have to DIY for free again…).

xoxo- Nikki


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