Tiny Little Houses

It is no secret that Alexandra and I love tiny little houses. We spent nearly four years living inside four perfect little avacado colored walls (Actually, the color was Sherwin Williams “Dancing Green” and the walls were not perfect, they were painted over peeling wallpaper but we’ll look past that). Many moves and cities later we both still have pieces from our shared favorite home, as we try to recreate the magic that was 905.


We really lived in this house.

We take credit for painting the wicker red, the screen door “Laughing Orange” with “Truly Teal” accents. The front door “Positive Red,” attempting to plant and maintain flowers and plants, and decorating for Christmas year round with little twinkle lights- and this is before we loved all things Apartment Therapy/Design Sponge/DIY Blogworthy.

905 was a perfect fit as tiny little houses go. Alexandra and I formed the perfect unit. It was 2005 and we were about to be homeless. We drove past her a hundred times and she was not nearly as the photo before the jump. After driving by all those times we ended up looking inside.  She had dirty yellowed walls, (what I’m assuming to be dog) pee-stained carpet, and gross mini-blinds that barely hung in the windows. But she also had landlords that were willing to rent without a credit check, willing to let us paint wherever whatever color we wanted (and pay for the paint), and willing to let us tear up that smelly carpet (AND PAINT THE FLOOR TEAL!!! THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED!).

There are things that we took and things that we left… I left first for the Windy City. Knowing what I know now, there are things I wish I had kept (The 3 piece orange sectional couch that I bought for 30$, and the most comfortable porch furniture in the world) and things I could have left (almost everything else- who needs clothes or old dishes?). Alex held on to a few mementos that she proudly displays in her Brooklyn apartment (as well as a few of my dishes and blue-handled silverware).

Yellow clock from our old kitchen.

Yellow clock from our old kitchen.

I did keep my favorite mug from my mother (and the fish cutting board I purchased for a dollar from wally world:


I did get myself a little forever momento. (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE MOVIE “UP”). That is a lawn chair with balloons to the left… (“A man just can’t sit around.”-Larry Walters).

house on my arm

House on my arm!

It was a magic time. We even had a great neighbor DJ Dillon who parked his airstream outside. When we started this blog, the first encouraging words we got were from a girl who LIVES IN AN AIRSTREAM TRAILER!  How perfect. In grad school, I did my Digital Storytelling project about 905.

As we look to the future, we are daily scanning the internets for tiny little houses. While it is still a pipe dream, I have even planted that seed into my father’s head. (At this point it is one or two emails with links to tumbleweedhouses.com, but he is a builder and I am inherently a nomad). I would love to personally build a tiny house and travel and live everywhere. I would also love the experience of (honestly) spending an entire year with my father and working on such a great project, and injecting my design ideas into a home (where I could have 100% control of aesthetics decisions).

I have borrowed the greens and the teals from 905 (and other bright colors).


More than the teal floors, or orange couch, THE 500$ FOR WHOLE HOUSE RENT, or even the world’s greatest porch, I miss my best friend. Living in two different cities is one of the hardest things in the world, especially as we independently try to style our lives (based on the color palate we developed in 2005) while figuring them out. Maybe someday we can caravan in tiny little houses and live wherever the wind takes us, but until then we will blog it out on winewithice.com!

Xoxo- Nikki


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