Puppy Envy

Puppy Envy has been plaguing me for well over a year. I want a dog. Bad. I want a little buddy to take for walks, hang out with in the park, and watch tv with. You know how some women get all mushy every time they see a baby and can feel their lady parts hurting for a child of their own? I am definitely NOT feeling that yet, but I imagine it could be comparable to how every time I see a puppy I contemplate stealing it and making it my own. Owning a puppy would be a HUGE responsibility and would cost a bunch. And the cats would hate it. My dream breeds include french bulldogs (I know they have health problems) boston terriers, and corgis. I know better than to seek one out at this particular time of my life, and when I am ready for a dog it will find me and it wont matter what breed it is (if I do seek out a dog it will be a rescue of some sort). In the meantime, I will hang with my cats (who often act like dogs anyways). I do love my little fuzzy monsters even though they like to ruin things with their little claws and indigestion problems. Bon Jovi (the orange one) is a snugglemizer and pretty much always has to cuddle. Tuesday, the little black and white one is a meow machine. She talks a bunch. And loves sleeping on electronics. They are loyal too… they like to be in whatever room I am in, weather I’m watching tv or crafting in my art room. Still… I have Puppy Envy. One day,self. One day.


Well, my cats are muffins…

xoxo- Nikki


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